Abbey Wall Works

Our team secured planning permission to redevelop a 0.2-hectare site in the Merton conservation area , South Wimbledon, into a new mixed-use residential development. The proposal includes 54 apartments, flexible employment space and a high-quality landscaping strategy to incorporate the listed Merton Priory wall.


The predominant material proposed to the principal building mass is a buff yellow London brick which reflects the local context. A second materiality is created in a copper finish, informed by historic research of the context. The clear distinction between the brick and metal helps to break up the façade, defining the three principal masses and linking blocks, with delicate, simple, metal balustrading used for the balconies to further soften the dominant buff yellow brick façade. The pitched roofscape of the three blocks mimics industrial vernacular and include two roof gardens reflecting the location of historical landscaping. (Completed whilst Director at OWAL Architects).